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"Well worth the drive across town! I love the infrared sauna, the massage options and the foot bath! Joy is a gifted therapeutic masseur. She has definitely improved my quality of life through massage therapy. Vanessa is a superb reflexologist. After the reflexology massage, my feet feel light as a feather! Joy and Vanessa are miracle workers! I highly recommend their services."

~ jkp912,

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Prices & Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for choosing Trusted Hands Day Spa. Below are some Q & A guidelines on what to expect before and during your visit to the spa.

Before Your Treatment

How far in advance should I book my appointment?
We recommend that you call the spa as far in advance as possible to plan your time with us, a minimum of one week, preferably two. We are happy to accommodate walk-in guests.

When Should I Arrive?
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your first scheduled appointment in order to allow time to check in and decompress. During this time before your appointment, feel free to use our Chi machine. Out of consideration for other guests, late arrivals do not receive extensions of scheduled appointment times and are responsible for full service fees. Download client forms here so you can fill them out ahead of your appointment.

What do I do if I have any physical, medical or allergy concerns?
Please notify us when booking your treatments, as well as your therapist at the time of your service, if you have any known skin allergies or if you are on any medications. We should also be made aware of any health conditions, physical disabilities or any possibility of pregnancy. There are specific services which are not suitable for some medical conditions.

*The spa is located on the second floor of the new facility and does not have wheelchair access. We apologize for any inconvenience to our guests and do make home visits for massage (travel fees apply).


During Your Treatment

Wondering What to Wear?
It does not matter what you wear to a massage session. Most often during a massage, clients are undressed to some extent and covered by full-sheet draping. Only the area of the body being worked on is uncovered. However, the work may be done through clothes, using pressure point therapy. What works best for you is discussed at the beginning of the session.

What should I expect?
At your first session you will be asked to complete a brief, confidential form that will request information about injuries or medical conditions. You can then elaborate on any concerns that need to be taken into consideration during the massage. If you have any further questions about the session, then they will be answered at this time.

Throughout the session, your feedback about a need for change (such as different pressure, additional heat or covers, etc.) will be welcomed and honored. When the session is completed the therapist will leave the room so you may dress in privacy. Any necessary stretches or after-care will be discussed so that you can gain full benefit from your massage.

Usually clients are lying on a table especially designed for massage therapy. The table is comfortable, with a cradle to support your face. Extra pillows are used to take any strain off the low back or other areas. Lotion is used to decrease friction, warm the tissue, and nourish the skin.

Do I have to talk during my treatment?
It's entirely up to you, as the staff takes their cues from you. If you are quiet, they will be too. If your therapist's touch is too rough or too light, the temperature of the room too warm or too cool, or the music is too loud, speak up! Their goal is to provide you with the ultimate spa experience.

Checking Out

Is it customary to leave a gratuity for the therapist?
Gratuities/tips are optional according to your treatment and overall spa experience, but as a rule if you were more than satisfied with your service and feel a tip is warranted, we supply tip envelopes at check out for you to write a little note to your therapist and tip accordingly. The general rule on tipping is approximately 10-20%.

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