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"I had a fantastic experience at Trusted Hands. My husband surprised me with this massage and I think it
was the best present he’s ever gotten me! The massage was perfect, the atmosphere was very relaxing and I just felt completely pampered the entire time I was there! I spent 30 minutes in the infraRed heated massage bed before my 60 minute massage and it was the perfect way to start. I can’t wait to go back as soon as possible!"

~ Jeni Sekeres

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Massage Therapy

Highly trained and experienced massage therapists provide therapeutic techniques to reduce stress, stimulate circulation, relieve muscle pain and promote deep relaxation. Available in 30, 60, 90 minute and Couples' sessions.

Table Massage

Aromatherapy essential oils, which help detoxify, relax or stimulate the body and mind, are available in any of your massage sessions as a complimentary service and are available to take home and continue the healing benefits of natures essential oils blended by a certified Aromatherapist.

Swedish Massage: Known for its relaxing qualities, Swedish incorporates kneading strokes combined with long flowing movements using light to firm pressure.

Deep Tissue Massage: Therapist works slowly to penetrate deep into the tissues and release tension, restoring blood supply to muscles, tendons and nerves. Client is asked for feedback on the amount of pressure they prefer and the therapist in careful to not go deeper than a client requests.

Pregnancy Massage: Pre & Post Natal helps alleviate discomforts associated with pregnancy. Soft pillows are used to support side-lying or face up positions and only oils known to be safe for babies are used on the mother-to-be.

Sports Massage: Helps prevent injuries during training and also prepares athletes for competition and assists in the recovery from sports related overexertion.

Neuromuscular Massage: NMT soft tissue therapy using pressure to the muscles, ligaments and tendons to release trigger points of pain.

Myo-fascia Massage: Does not use any or much lotion, helps the muscles relax and release tension without using much deep, direct pressure on muscles and nerves since it is affecting the connective tissue (fascia) a thin layer of tissue which lies under the skin and above the muscles. Myo-fascia massage is especially good for extremely tender areas and preparing the body for deeper massage.



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