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"I had a fantastic experience at Trusted Hands. My husband surprised me with this massage and I think it
was the best present he’s ever gotten me! The massage was perfect, the atmosphere was very relaxing and I just felt completely pampered the entire time I was there! I spent 30 minutes in the infraRed heated massage bed before my 60 minute massage and it was the perfect way to start. I can’t wait to go back as soon as possible!"

~ Jeni Sekeres

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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Detox Therapy

Our gentle detox therapies stimulate the systems of the body to release toxins and move toward a natural state of balance, or homeostasis. These therapies can be scheduled in combination with bodywork sessions or on their own.

Ion Cleanse Foot Bath

Submerge your feet or hands in a warm, ion-charged salt water bath. Invisible ions draw out accumulated waste products and toxins in your muscles and joints such as aluminum, mercury, chlorine, lead, arsenic and lactic acid. Experience full body purification in this 30 minute session. Each session is $47, and can also be purchased in packages of 5 or more at a discounted rate.

Far Infra-Red Heated Massage Bed

You will relax beneath the sauna dome. Gentle FIR heat radiates inside the dome, while your neck, back and calves are massaged by two sets of jade rollers. Muscles are deeply relaxed and acupressure points are stimulated, thus relieving pain, improving circulation and dramatically decreasing stiffness. You may also experience many additional health benefits in this 35-minute session. Each session is $47 and can also be purchased in packages of 5 or more at a discounted rate.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Experience your inner wisdom more clearly as you shift from the busy-ness of your day to a deeper knowing that is available in each of us. This form of listening is customized to support your specific needs, challenges, intentions, and preferences that day - including the postures, the level of intensity, and the duration. This technique may help you recognize patterns common in your daily life, deepen your compassion for yourself and others, and increase your vitality. No yoga experience needed. For more information, visit

Bio-energetic Assessment

Get the information that you need to make educated and informed decisions about your health. This is a non-invasive, computerized method of accessing the energy pathways of the body via the acupuncture points on the hands and feet. Each acupuncture point gives an indication of the state of the various organs and systems throughout the body. Areas of inflammation can be detected energetically along with the underlying cause of inflammation. You will benefit from education, learning how to better your health and increase your vitality. We offer nutritional support, homeopathic remedies and hormone balancing.

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