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"I had a fantastic experience at Trusted Hands. My husband surprised me with this massage and I think it
was the best present he’s ever gotten me! The massage was perfect, the atmosphere was very relaxing and I just felt completely pampered the entire time I was there! I spent 30 minutes in the infraRed heated massage bed before my 60 minute massage and it was the perfect way to start. I can’t wait to go back as soon as possible!"

~ Jeni Sekeres

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Soothing care for your complexion
Soothing care for your complexion


Our Reflexologist works on pressure points in your feet, hands, and head which clear energy blockages that may be preventing your body from functioning normally, while also restoring the body's natural equilibrium. Balancing your systems enables your body to heal itself from a wide variety of health conditions.


Anti-Aging Facial

Experience the wrinkle-erasing results of the Galvanic Spa system, as used by Sophia Loren, Christie Brinkley, and the celebrity makeup artists of Dancing with the Stars. Cutting-edge skincare technology penetrates down into the cellular level to stop the genetic sources of aging and awaken the genes responsible for young-looking skin.

Witness visible results by engaging in the treatment in 2 consecutive segments. We incorporate Nu Skin cell-renewing products which improve skin's moisture, tone, and vitality while addressing the internal causes of aging. The Anti-Aging Facial "resets" the clock to restore youthful skin from the inside out!

Hydrating Facial

Melt away while your face, neck, and skin receive the expert care of our Aesthetician. Choose from a Hydrating or Deep-Pore Cleansing facial with the pure products of Envy Organics.

Remove dead skin cells, while your skin is infused with pure, hydrating ingredients such as organic honey and almond oil. Lock in moisture with rich, fragrant creme by EnVy Organics. Enjoy the calming effects of face & neck massage as you rejuvenate.

Deep-Pore Cleansing Facial

Skin is prepared through hydration to be cleansed deeply, gently removing debris & impurities. Minimizes the appearance of pores through the naturally-purifying products of EnVy Organics. A facial & neck massage stimulates pressure points which balance & refresh the body & skin.


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